DIY Interconnects

These are some seriously good interconnects. They use Connex “The Natural One” cable which is a shielded cable with twisted 22g stranded, tinned copper conductors and cotton insulation. (Connex is the PartsConnexion house brand). The plugs are ETI Link. For a 1m pair the total cost is less than $150.

I have made three pairs so far all with Link connectors. The short 1/2m pair in the pic is shielded for my SUT outputs. The others are unshielded. I ordered another 8m two months ago but PCX is presently back ordered. That will make a 4m pair that I can use for my main cables going to the power amps. It will have WBT Ag plugs.

The Connex/Link cables have replaced some very expensive Audio Note silver cables.

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I've built a number of DIY recipes.
My two favorites are
1) VH-Audio fine silver wire using his cotton insulated wire spiraled around his foamed teflon tubing. Silver Interconnect
2) VH-Audio using his V-Twist V-Twist
I almost bought the parts for that Silver recipe from VH Audio, but changed my mind and built a different one Chris used to have on his site some years ago using a miniature coax cable called Pulsar Cu, and some Vampire C4X RCAs:


Pulsar kit.jpeg

Pulsar assembled.jpeg

He's also now also got a silver version of that Pulsar mini coax that he says is competitive with most anything out there if using really good RCAs such as WBT NextGen Ag.

In the same parts order I did buy the V-Twist Cu-24 you mentioned above, and then for some reason I mothballed that project, it's still sitting in a parts bin somewhere. Hmmm, we're supposed to have an ice storm tomorrow, maybe I'll make a cable to celebrate President's Day?
I tried V-Twist a few years ago and really gave it the old college try by using it with KLE Absolute, WBT Next Gen Ag, and Switchcraft plugs, but it just didn’t match my tastes. One thing you should know is that V-Twist needs many hours of use to reach its full potential due to the Teflon. I stopped noticing changes after about 500 hours with the KLE plugs (and the plugs were already broken in).

One good thing about the V-Twist is it is super easy to terminate. And it is also very flexible so there’s no problem fitting the cable in tight spots or making sharp bends.


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I stopped noticing changes after about 500 hours with the KLE plugs (and the plugs were already broken in).
Wow. I'm a firm believer in cable break-in, it doesn't take super human hearing to notice it, and I know what you mean about Teflon, but 500 hours is insane!

I'm going to use the ETI Research LINK gold plated copper RCAs with that V-Twist Cu24 wire.
And speaking of cable break-in, it took a bit over a week of steady listening for my first pair of Duelund DCA20ga (600V) with Switchcraft connectors to settle down enough to convince me to make a second pair. Not that pair #1 sounded bad initially, just (to my ears) a tad bright. But they're definitely rounding into shape now. Tons of detail, a lot less edge. Hence, pair #2:


I should probably quit while I'm ahead now but I can't see that happening; too many really cool suggestions left to try. Thanks, everybody.