Do you guys concert as hard as I do?


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One thing I don’t enjoy is music festivals. I can put up a huge list of bands that I’ve seen at festivals like Pitchfork, Lollapolooza, All Tomorrow’s Parties, etc, and with but two exceptions, I don’t feel I really saw the bands. I saw them, but the experience felt removed or just weird because it was during the daytime with a bunch of drunk obnoxious people around not paying attention. The exceptions were The Flaming Lips and The Cure. Both translated well, but also the crowds were really engaged.
One thing I do get to every year is the folk festival in Kingsville. There are always some great bands, the venue is relatively intimate and the crowd is always delightful.
@ICTWoody, I've always enjoyed Vampire Weekend's live set. Granted, it's been a while since I've seen 'em, but the show embedded in my memory is holy.

I'm young and am still at fault for not getting out as often as I should. Rock bands, whatever that means these days, haven't excited me as much, so I haven't sought it out. But Hayes Carll is playing at the venue down the street from my house later this month and I just can't miss that. I also picked up tickets to see Ellen Fullman's performance on long strings because you don't find people making music that way very often. I might actually spring on tickets to see Fabio Luisi conduct the DSO, if only to get a preview of what's coming for that orchestra. Who knows, I might find some good music made by distorted guitars.


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I'd seen GW open for Bright Eyes, and had gone to see David Rawlings Machine at a big outdoor show, but the theater was a whole 'nother thing. Two hours of goosebumps. Hats off to the sound guy.

They're pretty much the best.
I saw Gillian and David back in September at Red Rocks and it was magical. They opened for The Punch Brothers who are also amazing live. That was my first trip to RR and it we certainly a memorable experience.

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My live music experience is extremely limited. HOWEVER, on March 1st my wife and I will be seeing the Neal Morse Band live in Lawrence! I'm really excited for this show, although somewhat apprehensive about whether my wife will like it or not. Has anyone seen NMB live before?

@ICTWoody , there WAS this one time in your living room... :-)


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Somewhere I have a much bigger box of stubs, mostly from 95-01.
That's a lot of concerts!

I don't have many stubs (they have gotten lost over the years - mostly by being used as bookmarks). I had a seriously dead period concert-wise from about 1991-1996 due to graduate-school poverty and lack of free time.


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mostly by being used as bookmarks.

I tossed a few recently, from bands or performers I just didn't care to remember, like Elvis Costello (really forgettable show, no reason to remember). There are others I will cherish forever. It's all part of an effort to declutter my life and only have things around me that actually mean something to me, instead of clutter for the sake of just having -stuff-. And no, I didn't do this because of that Marie Kondo show. I started BEFORE that whole thing.


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The last concert my wife and I attended was the Moody Blues at the former Valley Forge Music Fair back in 1991.

Now my son attends concerts full-time due to his career.
He manages bands and does the sound engineering at their live shows.

Over the years he has met some pretty popular performers all over the world.

Below is the tour schedule of the band he is on tour with right now.

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I kind of hesitant to post. Saw the Monkey's at Mountain Whinery. Davey Jones died a month or two later. Saw Tom Petty's show at the Hollywood Bowl. He died a week later. I can't go to any more shows.

Flew to Austin to see David Byrne. Freaking off the hook. He didn't die.
Caught a band in New Orleans called In Business that has become one of my alltime FAVORITE funk bands. Cop Show.
Have tickets to ELO
Getting tickets or Heart


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Tickets bought for King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard and Vampire Weekend. Saw Kacey Musgraves w/ Soccer Mommy last night - damn good show. She had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand.

2019 concert plans are slowly coming together.