Does this apply to anyone here


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It didn't used to, and I swore it never would but.... its getting close to that.

The good news is that she doesn't seem to mind the -cost- of the stuff, as I pay for it...its more the clutter, which she pays for as somebody obsessed with minimalism and neatness.


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It seems like the only push back I get from the wifey is about speakers. Something anout them she just doesn’t like. However, after I bought the Infinity’s she did finally approve. She thought the sounded better than the previous speakers.

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Me: "How much do you love me?"
response: sigh "How much did you spend?"
Me: "$....."
response: eyes rolling "Nope, not that much."

Note that the conversation is flipped 180 degrees often enough that we balance.


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I showed this to the wife hoping she’d see the humor in it...she’s now expecting dishes to be washed and laundry to be folded every time I make an audio purchase.:-/ Bad @mred !;)


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I showed this to the wife hoping she’d see the humor in it...she’s now expecting dishes to be washed and laundry to be folded every time I make an audio purchase.:-/ Bad @mred !;)
LOL.... that'll teach ya
I am a luck man, wy wife embraces and encourages the audio around our home. I have to keep her in check at the record store )
I cant say the same with a previous...


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I'm chief dishwasher here, all the time...
Me, too, actually -- way back when we were courting, I told (the future) Mrs. H that, if she'd cook, I'd wash.
Turns out that she actually likes washing dishes -- she really dislikes drying them. So do I (as it turns out) -- so we have a dish rack by the sink.
And a dishwasher.


She doesn't much like to cook, either, so we pretty much split cooking at our house. :p


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I fold most of the laundry and do most of the dishes anyway, since I’m home all day.
I’ve stopped dragging gear home because *I* am tired of all this stuff around the house.


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Same here, the wife’s spending goes relatively unchecked and that keeps us both happy. I’m the one that usually triple thinks big audio purchases.
Mrs. H's more hard core birding trips are -- shall we say -- not inexpensive, so we have kind of a good check and balance thing goin' with respect to our burn rate :) She did decide not to go to Antarctica next year.

In fact, sort of like your case, I tend to chicken out when it comes to larger [hifi] purchases. Mrs. H gave me go-ahead to spring for one of those weird little Carver 275 Crimson amps last December when they were "on sale", but the more I read, the more skeptical I got and, when push came to shove, I chickened out. :)

I did buy a new car kinda on a whim last December, but 1) it was a cheap car and 2) it wasn't entirely on a whim. :)


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I have stacks of old gear occupying significant areas of the house (countless pieces of vintage high end Pioneer). Her problem is with the space consumed, and the clutter, but it is only in rooms we don't (or can't :beat ) occupy. She is a worse messy than me, so when the subject of stacked gear comes up, I tell her that I will deal with mine, when she deals with hers. The oscillation then damps right out :) .

I have not actually purchased anything significant in a long time, so that is a good thing. Now, to get all of this inventory restored and out to new homes. She says I'm a hoarder. I say that I am not. "I restore and sell." She says "You actually need to sell something once in a while for that to be true."

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