Doorway CD Transport - Universal Disc Player?


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Yeah, it doesn't seem bad at all to me. The one I found is a tiny bit beat up -- but a) not bad and b) the price was right!

My favorite part about the Samsung has got to be some of the silkscreening on the 'high voltage' (P/S) side of the PCB therein.

DSC_7318 (2) by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

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Is 'Danger Part' going to be your new nickname? Or perhaps you need to label any clip lead crossovers accordingly...


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Is 'Danger Part' going to be your new nickname? Or perhaps you need to label any clip lead crossovers accordingly...
I used it as my avatar here for a while -- still do @ the Polk forums (which have gone suspiciously missing as I type this :confused: ).


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I had the audio alchemy original dacman. I was running digi-out usb from my computer into an opcode datport (usb<=>coax interface) into the dacman then into my stereo 25 years ago. I inputted dats into my computer also with the datport then made cds of concerts I recorded.

I compared transports (of cd players run into a dac)a while back and one stood out. Cant remember for sure which one, maybe NAD 5300? It also might have been the Tascam CD-201 which is a nice cd player. So either figure out something that has a nice sounding transport (they do make a difference I didnt used to think they did, then experimented and one clearly was better sounding than the rest) or go to the local thrift, pick up something with digi out for $5 and call it a day.
And the winner is... the Denon DVD-910. After scouring the local thrift stores and local sellers on Facebook Marketplace and Craig's List, I bought the Denon off of eBay. It is relatively compact, with a working remote, an actual brushed aluminum faceplate, with the only sign of wear one small scratch on the top. A quick hook up to my TV to set the digital output to PCM, and then connected via the Toslink optical output to my speakers optical input. I put in my Brothers In Arms CD (the same CD I used in 1997 to audition speakers when I bought my Paradigm Titans) sat back and listened. I have nothing to compare with, but I am liking what I am hearing. One more thing to work out, and the Covid desktop system will be complete.