Doorway System Turntable - We have options!

I am looking for my first turntable and it seems like something along the lines of these Doorway options would be perfect for me at this point.

This thread has been very helpful in my search. I have been learning about all the U-turn Orbit and Pro-Ject Debut models. This thread is about eight years old now though, so I just wanted to check if these are still considered good Doorway options today and/or if anyone has any additional Doorway turntable recommendations that might have been introduced since this thread.
These days a newer brand is available, Rekkord from Germany.

They have several models, including automatic. They have distribution in Canada and the US now.

Maybe it's just me, but these Rekkord tts look an awful lot like the entry-level Thorens tts of recent years (decades)?
Thorens TD170-1 on the left, Rekkord F100 on the right
For those who like me want or need an affordable and well built automat I really can suggest the Thorens TD-102 A. Comes with an AT-VM95E and it was easy to upgrade the stylus to an VM95ML.
The internal pre is also a good entry level. For the moment I partnered a MuFi V90LPS.
For a good while I have had a Revox T700 Studiomaster, of course another level. But with increasing age a tremor popped up and after destroying an quite expensive Ortofon cartridge due to my shaky hands the decision was made to buy a fully automatic. For a new item the market is quite small. But I guess and hope related to this "vinyl revival" coming more in the future.
Looked long for a nearly NOS Sony PS-X 75 and finally I found mine. Will be a while in revision but I am excited to use it.
In the meantime it looks my Thorens is a decent choice while waiting.