Dyna z-565 output transformers wanted

I’ve been looking for a pair of these transformers for ages but haven’t come across any with 16r outputs. On the off chance anyone here has a pair with 16r secondaries they are not using and would consider selling please get in touch, can be clones but must have the 16r secondaries.

Not a clone, I don’t need the UL taps but if I had them I’d give them a go!

agreed, it seems the well has dried up, I’ve been casually looking for about a year and a half (I’ve got literally every other part, even chassis partially done)
I was going to suggest dynakits.com as a source. But it appears to me that damn near everything is out of stock! :(
Not only that but they only do 4/8 ohms ones, I double checked with them, the other dyna clone company as well as trancendar.

I think if I have no luck here I’ll just find a regular pair of 8k transformers and not worry about trying UL


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I have a pair of Fisher transformer that are 6.6k with 4, 8 and 16 ohm
They do not have UL taps.
Very nice vintage iron if you're interested.