Electra-Print SE OPTs 5K:8 with SILVER secondaries for Type 45


Looking for some really special output transformers for your SE45 project? Jack Elliano of Electra-Print Audio winds some of the best single-ended "iron" out there, and these are his top-of-the-line transformers with pure silver secondaries -- not partial silver or silver-plated copper wire... Pure silver. The tasty stuff. I've been using these for years in my SE46 amps and there's no going back!

These are spec'd for 45 tube and similar, with a 5,000 ohm primary and 8 ohm secondary, and gapped for ~50ma. They were used in my amps until I swapped 'em for a different pair of the same transformers.

Asking price is $750/pr. A nice deal, considering the current cost of silver and what you'd pay for new!





So….why for are you selling them, Nate? Ah I see it now. Was the other pair purdier? ;)
The other pair has 16ohm secondaries, more appropriate for my speakers…

…but the other other pair can stay here on the shelf-of-many
-transformers. :-)

I've have Jacks iron in many many amps and it is beautiful stuff.
Yup. And this silver stuff is the mostest.


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Thats a great price.
I have an amp with Jacks silver OPT , nice stuff, wish I wasn't in "time out" right now. 😥


I can't lower the price on these much but I could throw in a nice pair of NOS ceramic sockets for those 45 tubes you're building with...