Ever wonder what a brand new WE 300B looks like?


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Sweet amp, how plentiful are the 348A tubes? Looks like maybe some microphone input transformers on the far end?

The 348A's are not plentiful, sadly. Have talked with someone who owns these and was told that the 350B is the special sauce - normal 5U4G's and 6J7's are sufficient.

I know I'm beyond lucky to find a single one of these to begin with. What's luckier is that this came equipped with two input transformers - the 618A and 618C.


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Insane for almost everyone, but having heard good NOS WE300Bs from that era in a system that could get the best out of them, I almost get it. But then I almost get the McLaren P1 (maybe the McLaren M6GT is more appropriate here), I just know I'll never see one in my driveway. :)

My financial advisor has a new McLaren 720S Spider. I drool every time I go to his office.