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Hi, I’m marcus, a swede living Germany since many years. After a long pause with little music I wanted to start listening again. Since years I’ve got a pair of Dynaudios Audience 42, with upgraded caps and a Panasonic xr70, also modded (not by me). The combo is great but I wanted more. Recently I acquired a pair of Dynaudio Contour 1.8 and a pair of 1.3 as a bundled for less than 700€. Even though the amp supposedly (it’s been modded by a quite excellent German speaker builder) is great, I’m still lacking a lot. I have absolute pitch even though I’m not a musician or anything but I enjoy to sing and I’m allergic to bad sound.
I’m interested in trying the speakers with another amp but until i really feel it’s worth it again (remember I just got back into it), I dont want to spend thousands on it. What amps, happily buy old stuff, would work well with my dyns? Thanks for letting me join the forum even though I’m not based in the USA. //m
Welcome to The Haven Marcus! When I lived in California and recorded, one of my good friends/office mates I recorded with a lot (partner in crime hehe) was Henric Larsson from Sweden. Great guy, here is one of the groups we used to go see a lot.

Good to have you aboard. I have a Panasonic XR-55 bought new when they first came out. Amazingly durable as it's powered a bedroom system all these many years. Quite powerful with the ability to bi-amp I've always wished it was a bit warmer sounding but that's just me. I don't know why these light weight full digital amps never caught on. I also have JVC's version. I guess we would call them class D AV receivers today.
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Welcome! Whereabouts in Germany do you live if I might ask? One of my best friends lives in Nürnberg (I've been trying to arrange going to visit him but life has other plans).

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Welcome, Marcus.
'Glad to have you as part of the Haven family.
'A picture of your system is always appreciated.
'I've been a fan of Dynaudio for decades! Must sound lovely.