Figuring out horns? Cause I'm not that smart...


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I wonder what sort of output they got out of 16 288's? Also, for what application? Yelling contest with a jet?

I bet he's thinking he should make the intern wire them all up. That's the first thing I would do.
Altec Skunkworks project for the military-acoustical complex, I reckon.

Dr. Edgar did some military work, too, you know?
(Tom Danley, too, apparently)

Dr. Edgar did some military work, too, you know?
There an interview in an old issue of Positive Feedback where Bruce Edgar explains his education and work history. He spent most of his career at the Aerospace Corporation in Los Angeles, a defense contractor specializing in space electronics. He used to live in Los Angeles and probably still does. He's a very friendly guy and used to be happy to have people stop by and listen to his horns.
I stopped by a couple of times in the early 2000s to listen to his Titan horns, which sounded amazing. I've read that he's been in poor health in recent years. He occasionally still posts on the forums but not nearly as frequently as he did in years past.