Finding my way home (The 2020 Analog upgrade plan)

S0und Dragon

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Larry must be very busy. We usually do lunch every couple of months, but it’s been a while.
This fall was kind of brutal for us garage shop guys here in Tx. Sept was humid and over 100 degrees a whole bunch.
I looked it up: 92 degrees one day in Sept. the only day the temp was less than 96!
I knew more or less what I was signing up for, and have not pressured the timeline one bit. Larry is the expert and he will finish when he is done. I know he will provide me with an excellent and exceptional plinth and that is truly all I ask for. Larry has become more than just a hired craftsman. I consider him a friend. You better believe that the next time I am around the way, I am swinging by both your places for good beer and sweet tunes!
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To many of us it's not about saving time or money, it's about personal achievement.
You are correct. For those with the skillset, time and money (lined up all at the same time) to do so; there is no greater sense of accomplishment and appreciation for a creation of your own hands. Some don’t have the skill, patience or time to attempt something like this. Not having a lot of free time as of late I’d have no reservations in outsourcing a build and don’t hold it against anyone else for doing so either.
Pretty excited for you @S0und Dragon , can’t wait to see the finished build!


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When I made my post about personal achievement I wasn’t knocking anyone who didn’t have either the time or money or indeed the skills required. However I’ve made quite a few plinths from recycled timber and with basic handtools. I’m not particularly skilled either or swimming in money.
I have a good friend who made his own plinth and it’s not the best but I respect him for having a go and at the end of the day it’s his and he’s rather proud of it. He’s made other stuff since and he’s getting better, and enjoying it too!


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That's a fantastic plinth. There are so many ugly giant plinths out there, but this is quite the exception to that. I love the rounded edges, and that veneer looks great. Can't wait to see it all oiled up, or with whatever finish you settle on. I'm sure the table will sing but whatever happens you can just look at it.