Finding my way home (The 2020 Analog upgrade plan)

S0und Dragon

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So my slow trudge along the project path continues. The plinth is up next. Once the final dimensions are determined, a dust cover will be commissioned as well! I really hope that I can Document that progress as it happens.

The Cart for this project is going to be an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze. This was the one I got on the cheap in unknown condition. After Speaking with Steve at VAS and determining that the coils we're good but suspension and Cantilever trashed. I decided to go all out on it and basically turn it into an Ortofon Black. It will get a Boron Catilver along with either a Microridge or FGS stylus. It really comes down to which one of these is closer to the original Ortofon Nude Replicant Diamond Stylus. Steve stated that he prefers the MR and that may be the way to go.

Lastly, and this has been a real back and forth in my mind, is set up. I am thinking of having a pro do it. While I don't particularly relish the thought of paying someone to do something that I could, in theory, do on my own. I acknowledge my lack of skills and come to the realization that it will never be as good as a real professional set up. This has been such an investment that I think, why not have it set up by a pro? How much could that cost? Either way, fun and exciting stuff on this end.
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