First time wearing a wristwatch in 20 years.

John Frum

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I am decidedly not a watch guy. While I appreciate a fine timepiece, I don’t think I’d ever shuck out for one, and I’d be most unlikely to buy and wear a mid-market watch, which in my experience function in the 21st century only as weird status markers. And cheap watches generally aren’t something that even shows up on my radar.

Nonetheless, my better half picked up on a judiciously dropped hint and gifted me Armitron’s Griffy throwback LED watch. I think it’s a good look and intend to wear it. Might even be the gateway drug to vintage Pulsar...



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I'm a mechanical watch guy. I've been wearing a Glycine Combat Sub auto-winder for the last 4-5 years - before that it was an el-cheapo Victorinox battery-powered watch I picked up at Big 5 about 22 years back.
My all-time favorite. It keeps absolutely perfect time and the appearance is to my eyes just right. E9EA4B08-25F7-4059-A7EE-BAA02B96DE7F.jpegAll I do is replace the battery and strap from time to time.
I really like the Armitron!

My Obama watch.:beat Tag Heuer 1500, though his had a tan face and leather band (looks like I need to adjust the date, though this thing is accurate to 1-2 seconds a month, quartz)


Seiko Alpinist automatic with el cheapo band (not nearly as accurate and rarely worn).

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I do like how the not-a-watch guy original post has turned into an unofficial watch thread. 🙂

I’m pretty into watches. Mostly sure that I’m not gonna find that Grand Seiko spring drive in my stocking today.