For sale: Luxman Laboratory Reference amp/pre/tuner stack.


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(This is a local sale for now but I could either do SE Michigan or Chicago area.)

1976 at its FINEST!

For sale is a preamp, amp, and tuner from the Luxman Laboratory Reference Series.

5M21 Amplifier.
5c50 Preamplifier.
5T50 FM tuner.

The Laboratory Reference Series is really interesting. It was a kind of elevated series, all designed around one aesthetic, and all designed to stack together, one unit on top of another. As such, the feet on the bottom of one unit will kind of slot/snap into the top of the unit below it. No sliding around. What happened here is that I got the integrated amp from the series, liked it so much that I went a bit nuts and collected a whole stack of it. I'm keeping the integrated and selling off this evidence of just what degree of collecting I got into :D

Physically it's all in good shape, better than it looks in these photos anyway ...they have been sitting around for awhile and need another cleaning...except for one thing. On the back of each unit is sort of plastic wing that sticks out on the side. The preamp is missing one of those, broken cleanly off. See the photo.

Operationally all is well. On the preamp the attenuation lever seems to only affect one-channel if you switch it into "preset" though I never had any need to do that, so didn't. I'll get into it with deoxit but, again, I never used the attenuator.

A couple of things about the Luxman LRS series. The preamp had, as an option which I don't have, a Moving Coil Step Up insert that plugs into the back of it. This was an add on, not sold with the unit. They do pop up occasionally though I betcha they ain't cheap when they do. But its really neat nonetheless. The tuner was the worlds first Digital Tuner (! woo hoo? !). It has presets but I want to say that the battery that remembers the presets is long worn out, like many such 40 year old things. Since I rarely used the tuner I may be wrong. It does work, though and sounds very nice. The amp, to me, is the standout here. I actually used the amp more than the rest of it. It was, for a long time, the amp for my desktop system. I loved watching those meters.

You can read more about this pretty bad-ass series here:

There are more pieces that you can buy and stack if you find them. An EQ, a tone-control unit, a separate peak-level component, and even a RACK. Good luck finding the rack. The only thing cooler than the whole LRS series on its rack would be the Nakamichi System One.

Local sale. $1000 FIRM.
Low because I don't want to ship.



You can see the broken plastic wing on the left of the second unit down (preamp). The round hole in the back is where you would put the optional SUT plug in, which, again, occasionally pops up.



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I will throw them in one big box with just a few foam peanuts and a prayer :beat

I'm honestly scared the other plastic wing decorative things on the backs will break off. Silly design choice by them. Probably fine with the original packing materials...