For Sale: Spendor A6 Pair - Pristine Condition - Wenge Finish


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After owning these Spendor A6 for almost seven years, I am revamping my system and shaking things up a bit. Originally $3800, I am asking $1200 for a local sale in the Chicagoland area. These loudspeakers are critically acclaimed and are in pristine condition. I'd rate them a 8.5 out of 10, only for age and a very, very small swirl mark on one of the cabinet sides. After finding it, I can't see it anymore. The A6 delivers the famous British mid-range accuracy and adds quite a bit more.
-Original double boxes, spikes. Prefer local sale but can ship on buyers dime. I'd be willing to drive up to 150 miles from Chicago to deliver these beauties. More pics upon request.

What HiFi - Five Stars - Our Verdict
Outstanding speakers without any obvious flaws. In fact, they don’t have any obscure flaws either. These Spendors are true must-hear hi-fi
If it's dexterity and attack you value, the A6s have it in spades.
The same goes for tonal neutrality and transparency, for low-frequency drive and poise, and for sheer mid-range articulation.

Absolute Sound
The sound of the A6 is so easy and integrated, the musical picture so coherent, that it’s easy to miss the level of resolution and detail on offer, simply because it’s all where it should be. Deliver a clean feed and the results are simply staggeringly engaging and enjoyable.

It just sounds like music, like people, like a band having fun – and a world away from the disjointed mess generated by so many expensive speaker systems.


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