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Powdercoat that is. I love refreshing these old metal horns. The EH800’s are black magic. The EH500/Showco’s are Storm Grey, which, for a stock color at my powdercoater, is very close to my JBL 2441’s. I can’t just go black all the time.

Didn’t do any grinding or smoothing on the EH500’s... in hindsight maybe I should have. But still. They look good. Going to swap them in place of the Jabo’s for a few weeks and see how I like them.

Will report back.

- Woody



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Nice. I was very tempted. Had I not just bought my own set of big a$$ horns...

Can’t wait to hear how you like them compared to the other horns you have.
I did. I love the bowties, but I’ve never had a chance to own EH500’s until now. Excited to give them a try.

- Woody
Powder coat looks great! Hit me up if you ever decide to sell either pair! I’m sure I’ll want to experiment in the future with horns other than the 32’s I’m starting with.


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No. I use a powder coat place I’ve used for nearly 20 years. It was about $170 for all 4 horns in the two finishes and the pair of 2”>1” adapters in grey. I find it fairly reasonable.

- Woody
Damn - that's a steal. It'd be that much for a single horn in the PNW.