FS: Fairchild 412-1 and Model 500 Tonearm {Price Drop}[SOLD]

Hello there fellow audio nuts. Long time listener, first time caller over here. I'm sorry that my first thread is a "for sale" post, but 7 months of unemployment have left some cash flow problems, and I know that people around here appreciate a good turntable as much as I do!


While deciding which inmates at the Vinyldavid Turntable Asylum and Health Spa should be freed into the wild, I elected to keep only one Fairchild. I've had uh....6? of these beasts over the last decade and just need to focus on one Fairchild 412 for restoration and use.

To that end, this semi-reformed asylum resident needs to find a new caretaker.

It's a late generation Fairchild 412-1 turntable in the factory white plinth. I have this Fairchild Model 500 tonearm I was going to install, but never got around to it. I don't think the first hole in the plinth is correct, so that would have to be filled and redrilled. I do not have the arm rest for the tonearm, never did. Someone also heatshrinked the headshell onto the arm, and replaced the connectors with modern Neutrik-Rean Parts.

Photos attached should give the whole story. I forgot to get the underside of the 412, but it's nice and clean.

Asking $750 or best offer. Located in St. Louis, MO, if you want to come over and eyeball it yourself, and we can listen to my big rig. Prefer no trades, but I'll always listen to any cogent offer. SOLD just the table.

Please inquire if you have any questions. Shipping will be via UPS to the CONUS48....not too terribly interested in international shipping. I pack well, having spent 5 years as a UPS Store manager.




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