FS: Omega Super 6 Alnico XRS Towers


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Hi Folks, up for grabs are my beloved Omega Super 6 Alnico XRS. Louis built these for me in 2019, so I'm the original owner.
They are mint condition and ship in original boxes.
Any marks you see (the white dots) are just lent, so no issues with the walnut.

Upgrades include:
- Bottom Ports
- IsoAcoustics GAIA feet
- Cardas speaker binding posts
- Zenwave wiring
- Natural Walnut

I go thru gear like crazy trying out all different stuff in certain price brackets. These speakers were always my favorite. Only reason I'm selling is because Louis also recently built me a pair of his High Output Vintage 8's. I can't keep both right now, so selling the Alnicos. These speakers love flea watt tubes and single ended amps.

$2500 shipped (PayPal, or bitcoin/crypto accepted)

omega- - 1 (1).jpegomega- - 2 (1).jpegomega- - 3 (1).jpegomega- - 4.jpegomega- - 5.jpegomega- - 6.jpegomega- - 7.jpeg
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Very nice ... would love to hear those in my room. I had a pair Omega Aperiodic 8 with hemp drives about 5 years ago and they were very nice. Different animal than these big monsters, though. I bet they sound great.

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Gorgeous. If I were going low watt tubes, these would absolutely be a no brainer. Someone is going to be super happy!


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Thanks guys... it's pretty incredible how much sound these 'little' 6.5" drivers can throw out.


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Offers welcome. Looking to move these so I can focus on some other audio stuff. I only have 1 audio room/system so don't need two pairs of great speakers :D although I wish I was like some of you with like 5 different full systems in one house :p