FYI - Royd's for sale


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The Envoys are amazing speakers. Have a pair in my main system and have been using them for probably a year now. For me, that is an eternity and I have no desire to change them. They are tiny speakers but have all of the bass I desire in my small room.


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I tried to buy those awhile back and the seller never got back to I ended up with the Royd Minstrels instead. Mike, didn't you end up with the stands from those? My email asked about the stands so maybe that's why I was ignored.

There's also a pair of Abbots, but at considerably more money.


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Yes, I did buy the Royd stands from this seller for my pair of Envoys. I was tempted to pick up the speakers as well as a spare set but then figured it was probably too expensive a set of speakers to sit around waiting for an issue with my pair. Not that they aren't worth $500 CDN because I think they are, just that I can't justify having a $500 set of speakers sitting in the closet.