Garrard 301s


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Staying period and Denon with this rig. Trimmed the bottom of the plinth and stained black to make it visually more balanced. Added an armboard; Still need to laminate the surface with a carbon fiber sheet to match the plinth. Denon DA-302 tonearm, FR B-60 VTA base, Denon headshell and NHK Studio Denon 103 cartridge. Arm rest is a 3D printed piece as a place holder until a period correct Denon piece can be found.

In case someone out there is curious, the plinth weighs 63 lbs by itself.

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Cool plinth. Love the combo of carbon and wood.

I've been thinking about building a plinth for my 301 for a while now. Maybe if I post here I'll get on with it.

So here is a picture of one thats is inspirational and a prototype I cobbled together. I have some Wenge wood I've been drying a couple of years.

My house is Mid-Century and going for something allong those lines.


John Frum

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I’ve been carefully eyeing a 301 on my local Facebook Marketplace, and hoping the seller decides to bite on my kinda-sorta-lowball offer. This thread isn’t helping my anxiety.