Garrard 401 Serviced by Loricraft And Ambrosia Maple Plinth

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Starting the process of paring down my analog collection. For sale is a very ncie Garrard 401 that has undergone a full service by Loricraft. That service alone is in excess of $1000 USD. Factor in shipping and the cost of a excellent condition 401, and you get something that costs far more than this table. Figure in $200 to $300 for shipping. A nicely cared for 401 costs around $800, perhaps a bit more. I paid $1150 for this unit a year or so ago, and that is what I will pass it on for. It's a very nice machine that works like it should, and looks great. I just received a new reproduction silver disc for the mat, and will include it. There is the mounting for a Watkins Dust Bug that I did not choose to remove. You can get a Dust Bug and make it period correct, or remove it at your discretion. There are no issues with this table. Someone will get a gem.

Also for sale separately is the Loricraft inspired plinth. This is made of Ambrosia Maple and birch plywood. It uses 6 squash balls as the suspension. You can experiment with the number of balls used, and there are a range of different softness available for squash balls. Heck you can even try Sorbethane hemispheres as an alternative. Cost for the plinth is $500.

Preference is given for local pick up, and for someone taking both pieces.

The 401 is a great table, and this is a chance to own a classic.

One more thing to add. This is a British table with motor and pulley set up for US voltages. But the strobe casting on the platter is for British mains power. So you will either need to use a strobe to set speed, or order the conversion kit to adjust the timing on the strobe. It can be done, if that is something that interests you.

Can't get pics to load here. So here is a link to an ad at USAudiomart Pics are in the ad.


Mister Pig - My goodness.....that is an incredibly gorgeous 401.

With the Micro-Seiki, Thorens, Lenco, Sony and Revox tables already in residence, I am "tabled out" for now.



Mister Pig;n48259 said:
It's hard to think about letting them go. But I have quite a few tables.

I know exactly how you feel, which is how I've ended up with so many tables. ;)

It's funny how we can get so attached to our turntables - especially the classic, beautiful idler drive tables. :)



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Ah, would that this were not one of our more impoverished moments.... it has to be tough sending them on to new pastures.