Gear Sale. Updated 11/16/20


Next Round Is On Me
SOLD - Well it’s time to thin down the heard. Though I’d rather deal locally (and avoid shipping), I know I can reach a more deserving audience here. I have a few pieces here and pictures to follow on the fisher. HH Scott 299C, Fisher X101C & HH Scott LK72b. All will need a power supply recap at minimum and have been unmolested since my purchase. Individual details below:
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Next Round Is On Me
I wish I wasn't so under water on projects. The LK is on my to buy list.
I know what you mean, I’ve been like that since I bought it. It has the metal cabinet so is in great shape all around. Had planned on recapping and pairing it with my Cornwall’s but went in a different direction. I should really invest in a camera as these pictures don’t do it any justice. I may load better ones later.


Next Round Is On Me
More golden age gear for sale, I’d rather not ship but might be convinced. Posted locally but will give better price to long standing Haven members. Pm me if interested:

Sold - Mcintosh C11
Altec Maderas
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Bump with a few items added:
Shipping and PP fees are on the buyer. Priced lower than local adds for regular members. More to come along with pics!

SME 3009 arm (fixed cart head), needs rewire - $350

JBL lot - $750 (piecing out means higher price per item)
JBL D123 2 total
JBL D280 (2) total 8 ohm
JBL LE14C 4 total 8 ohm
JBL LE8T 2 total 8 ohm (refoamed)
JBL 8” radiator woofers (2)
Horn Drivers
JBL 2420 2 total 16 ohm
JBL 2345 2 total
JBL N2600 1 total
JBL N2400 2 total
JBL LX2-1 3 total

Rogers LS3/5A’s - $1,800

Rek-O-Kut - LP743 - $350
Would like to see a photo of the Rek.


Next Round Is On Me
Bump with adjusted pricing and some added photos. I’ll likely pull the add tomorrow to focus on a local sale.