Gene's closet cleaning too. The old kewl stuff has to make way and pay for the new kewl stuff!

Its a straight TDA 1541 no A no crown either very plain. soldered in in 1986. There are two SAA chips a 7210 P and a 7220 P/A


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I like the looks a lot and it would probably sound a smidge or more better than my Magnavox CD-2000 with the TDA-1543 (current best sounding CD player more than likely) but I just cant buy another cd player. Tempting, but I really shouldnt be spending coin right now. Thanks for the info though Gene!
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Shouldn't be spending coin
is a persistent problem in this hobby. I recommend learning to be a bottom feeder.
this hobby will suck up as much monya as you dare spend and you will probably STILL have a wish list. You don't want it to cause a divorce which does happen.