George Wright Pre-Amp


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I am interested in selling one of my two WLA-12A tube pre-amps. These are much loved and carefully cared for. It is a dynamite little linestage with 6SN7s, a 6X5 rectifier and a 6EM7. It has a high and low gain switch and an IEC connector (I will part with the other almost identical pre-amp that has a hard wired cord if someone is interested).
Enclosed will be the Shuguang CV-181Z tubes I liked as well as another nice pair of 6SN7s TBD with the buyer. I have owned this pre for over 20 years and it looks very pristine inside and out. Great way to try tubes in your system if you don't already have them! I have two systems and have 5 pre-amps so time to thin the herd!
$600.00 delivered to the lower 48.


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I got to hear one of those at VSAC 2001 or 2008(?) or something very similar. Very nice sound. GLWTS.