Good Power cables that won’t break the piggy bank

I roll my own, Supra LoRad from bulk ,bought by the foot.
That's a good find! I'm set on power cables but for my desktop system and subwoofers, this would be a perfect cable for where I want something better, but don't want to blow up the bank account to do it. The only thing I would need for the subwoofers is a 90° IEC connector on the end. Shouldn't be too hard to find.
"I roll my own, Supra LoRad from bulk ,bought by the foot."

No fancy "mumbo jumbo" stuff,standard (cheap)plugs and nylon braided sleeve!
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I have a fresh inventory of these because we just began including them as standard equipment in place of the cheap-o generics.

Personally, this is about as far as I'd want to go, throwing money at power cords. They're nice. 1.75m

We'll make a donation to the Haven for each sale. PM me.

Ron, This is Bob Crump's original AA recipe and some comments. I've used this on many pieces of gear and it is inexpensive but sounds good and gets out of the way. I searched this on AA

"I found the molded power cords that came with the Levinson gear sounded better than those that came with the Threshold." - Bob Crump
...this is how he says he started on the path to this cable and it is, as far as I can understand, a souped up Levinson cord.

Wire Belden 19364 which is 14/3 SJT available from any Belden distributor

IEC Schurter 4300.0603 available from Allied Electronics

Wall plug Pass & Seymour 5266-X available from most electrical wholesalers

"Follow the color code; brown is line, blue is neutral and green is ground....The drain wire I hooked to the ground at both ends, but would probably play with today....Take out the screws in the IEC and solder the wire directly to the connectors.....Just stuff the bare wires into the wall plug and tighten....." - Bob Crump


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I have exactly one of those AC-11 power cords, it was a dealer demo that was slightly scuffed, I have no idea what the retail was/is, but the dealer pretty much gave it away to me for $100 as I recall. This was over 15 years ago.

I concur, that is a fine sounding power cord, which in itself sounds weird. A power cord "sounds" a certain way even though it isn't carrying an audio signal? Yes and in the case of the AC-11, I find it to have soaring open airy high frequency portrayal, superior in that regard to various other much pricier power cords I have. That soaring open airy crystal clear high frequency extension character seems to stay consistent on most any component I use that cord on, suggesting it is the character of that cord and not just some one-off synergy with a single particular component or component type. Crazy but true. YMMV.
Bought 2 more on eBay last night. Needed one for the DAC I added and I put a DC filter in line with the amp power so I needed one for that. :)

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I’ve got a DAC on order that takes an IEC power cable, replacing one that used a wall wart.

I used the opportunity to buy a trio of 6’ 14 AWG Monoprice hospital-grade power cables. This feels like a very fancy step to me.
I roll my own, Supra LoRad from bulk ,bought by the foot.

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The Supra LoRad shielded power cable consists of pure OFC copper. LoRad stands for “Low Radiation”, a technique of shielding which results in a low radiation of electrical and magnetic fields. The shielding protects against electrical fields and the twisting technique used protects against magnetic fields. Terefore, these cables are also used for medical applications in hospitals, where a decent shielding is necessary to not interfere with their delicate and sometimes vital equipment. By the way, Supra LoRad is the only audio power cable with complete European safety approval.
That wire and assembled PC's are available on the auction site. I may try some for digital devices. I have used the Supra 1.6 wire for speaker cables and it is quite good. Omega speakers use Supra wire internally.
A little late to the party here, but I used to sell these. Exceptional value.
I used different plugs, but that's minor.