Good quality, Unfancy Speaker Cable ?

Ok, the thread appears to be well-aged ... anyway: I'll add my personal recipe here because I consider it very flexible and adequately unfancy - as requested.
  • Basic material: enameled wire with an additional insulation, in my case ETFE, because I did not find PTFE. If you stay below 0.5 or 0.6 mm diameter, any skin effect should be no issue.
  • Cut to lenght as many sections as needed for your required application, add some 10 - 15 % extra length.
  • Divide into 4 equal bundles and tie these together.
  • Combine those 4 bundles to a tight braid.
  • 4 bundles give you free choice whether to biwire or not.
  • Apply bananas or whatever of your choice and finalise with an unfancy cable sleeve (as requested ;) ).
Thats it - just add as many wire lenghts per bundle as you think is appropriate for your planned cross section.
There's a spare reel left? Don't forget the internal wiring of your speakers - might worth a try. My Tannoys benefitted a lot.
BTW: for some odd reason I prefer pure copper, not tinned or silvered.


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