Great day at the thrift

Once Im in my new place, Im going to make a mostly Realistic system. This was the final piece. Receiver can be STA-795, STA-300, or STA115, this cassette deck, CD-2000, Lab 1600 linear tracking TT (suckface), and some Minimus 7W speakers. I also have a cheapo Aiwa powered sub with speaker/hi level inputs. Count me in as a Realistic fan for sure. Thats about 9 years of thrifting and the Minimus 7Ws came from a church garage sale that I had first dibs ($2, minty) bc I helped collect donations throughout the year. I doubt Ill find a powered Realistic sub with hi level/speaker inputs, but ya never know. Ill probably hack up my 20’ Radio Shack Gold RCA interconnect and use the Amazon connectors (that are extremely similar to the Radio Shack Gold RCA connectors) to make up custom short interconnects just for this system.

Also, Ive heard this hundreds of times, I just never knew it was this lol
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