Greatings from Texas


Mr Ed here,
Stumbled on this group and thought I might hang around for while.
Into tube gear, big speakers, vinyl, and diy.

Welcome to The Haven, @mred :)

We appear so have similar audio likes - tubes, big speakers and vinyl. :)

Please tell us more about your systems. :)
Altec A5 "ish" speakers, using 416 8a woofers so technicly not A5
My adoption of Gene Heraga crossover, ppsl sub.
Two 2A3 amps, 12B4Apreamp, EAR clone phooe amp, Lenco turntable, Shick arm, Zue DL103R cart, and cd player passing through a diy china dac board with Cinemag output thransformers.
Plus a closet full of stuff and another big horn system languishing in the garage .... like half of us here, wink wink , nudge nudge. )
I should probably point out that Ed and I have been hangin' out for nigh a decade on another audio forum. We tolerate each other, in spite of his chosen state of residence. :)
Ha !
I just came here to torture Nate , anytime it goes below zero in Minnesota Im going to post a picture of me in a tee shirt.