Greetings and Salutations from central Massachusetts

Been lurking and dipping into threads periodically for a few months now so it seems like an introduction may be in order.

As seems to be the case with many of the folks here (I see you), I have also made my way here by way of AK and specifically, @jblnut.

I've been at this game a pretty long time at this point with more gear, in more configurations, than I can recall. Although there are a few set-ups around the house, the basement system is where most of the audio mischief and experimentation take place these days.

Looking forward to participating in the conversation.





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Lol, I suppose. Part of a late 70s record store vibe I was going after in the space...
Mission accomplished. If you haven't already you should check out this thread.

Welcome to the HFH, seeing some JBL love there. What are your other components?
Thanks for the welcome. In this rig there are a pair of Denon POA-S10 monos, a Lexicon RT-10 pulling CD/SACD duty, a Music Hall MMF 7.1, a Triode Corp TRV-DAC1.0SE and new-to-the-system Cary SL-100 pre along with an assortment of other vintage bits to get the most out of @jblnut's JBLs. He posted a good thread on them here.