Greetings from St. Louis

Greetings from St. Louis in the center of the USA,

I have been an audio nut for about 52 years. In 1998 I moved out of the house were my stereo was and recently moved to a new house with a great room and I am setting up again. I have a lot of classic equipment and I will be expanding to modernize. Previously the only thing digital I had was a CD player usually a cheapie. I will be getting an NAS going and expanding to a high end multi channel system.

I have been enjoying the SACD ripping thread and expect delivery tomorrow on a BX 59.1336313364


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Welcome , I look forward to your progress reports.
Very interesting speakers, I have read some of Linkwistz material in the past, great respect. )
Good eye, Audionut. L19 with D216s to replace blown cheap 8 inch. Original LE25 paper tweeters. The woofers in them were radio shacks. Somebody gave them to me and I stuck the pair of D216 in them. They sound GREAT even with one amplifier.

I set them up because setting up a quad amped system at a new house is not a quick proposition. I got some racks which need work before I start loading them. I need to remake the speaker cables, for the new location.(I don't believe in store bought speaker cables, each frequency channel has 8 gauge twisted pair stranded cabling). I am considering rewiring the woofers and tweeters from 8 ohm bridges to either pairs of four ohm parallels or even two ohm parallels on the woofers because now there are lots of power amps that can drive two ohms easily.

I love the way they sound. I was at AXPONA just now and didn't hear anything that made me jealous. I had some of my CDs along which got played on some very expensive systems and I didn't hear anything I hadn't heard before.

The guy that helped me build them built a similar setup using an S8R plus system. the plus being a 12 inch mid bass coupler.(LE12) He merely tri amped it.

Both systems awesome.

I am of the opinion that when an amp and cable set only has two or three octaves to make their life gets easier. Likewise the drivers.
The benefits of multi amping are well known as are the down sides of high power crossover networks.

At AXPONA I was in the Bryston room and they were playing something and I said to the guy "Is this multi amped?" he said yes Tri Amped.
I said how much he said 45. Before I could bite the words off the word "Hundred?" slipped out. We both cracked up. There is a certain attack that I heard that characterizes multiamped systems. Effortless Clean and free of intermod effects.

AXPONA was the first show I have been to since building these speakers which I have been totally satisfied with. (they cost about $6,000 in real 1975 dollars). I went to the high end show at the Drake hotel associated with the Summer CES in 76 or 77. Met Mark Levinson and his Mrs., Ivor Tiefenbrun (Mr. Linn) , Julian Vereker (Mr. Naim) and Keith Monks.
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