Greetings from the Bay Area

Hi Everyone - My HiFi mania has flared up again after a few years in remission, so here I am. I've been lurking around the DIY forums for many years; I think I recognize some of the folks here from back when I lived in Boston, circa 2002 or so.

I find myself in the midst of something of a sea-change from hollow state to solid state. My current system is put together with an eye towards kids in the house; it's not viable to have high voltages and hot glass in the living room. Lately it's a Roon library feeding multiple zones, where the main room is a Raspberry Pi, HiFiBerry DAC, into MiniDSP crossover, Hypex UcD amps driving Altec 605 Duplex w/ 3000H for sparkle.

All the tweaky & vintage stuff is in storage: 2 meters of vinyl, Pioneer PL41 tt, DL103, Cinemag SUT, Hagerman Bugle, Slagle AVC, 2A3's w Cobalt OPT, bunch of full-range drivers, far too many boxes of parts - tubes, iron, caps, etc. And if I'm being honest with myself.... it's time for some of those things to go on to a new home. In part, I am here to work my way up to some for-sale posts.

I should also say that I'm a big believer in civility and polite behavior online. Earlier in my professional career, I was a moderator for an online forum for a popular radio program. It's a task even when everybody is well behaved, and downright awful when besieged by trolls. My thanks to our hosts and mods for everything they contribute to make a pleasant community for us all.


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Welcome @AndyN to the Haven! You'll like it here. :) Tell us more about the Hypex. I've been looking at the ncores.


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Welcome to our Haven, can’t wait to see system pics. Also anxious to lighten your “stored goods” load!:D
From the bay? What football team if any? (I’m a SoCal native)
Thanks all for the warm welcome!

@opa1 , I'm using the UCD36MP unit, which is a 30W, 6 channel item nominally sold as an oem part. It's a new arrival in the system, replacing two JBL CSA2120. So far, 'It does what it says on the tin'; I like it. I'm chasing a hiss that is audible with no music playing*. I've not measured anything so far, but it seems a bit quieter with my compression drivers than the JBLs (amps that were nobody's idea of fancy.) Hypex is a wee bit unusual in that it wants balanced inputs - a fact only made clear by examining the PDF docs closely. I built a pair of SparkFun OutSmarts balun units to drive my balanced MiniDSP unit, driving the Hypex. The worst part was finding a decent +/- 12v bipolar power supply for the baluns. Everything else was plug and play; buy the associated cable kit to make it easy. Many of the Hypex boards have flat ribbon cable box-pin connector inputs. Rather than cutting into the ribbon, I found a ribbon-to-phoenix breakout board which makes hookup easier, at the cost of audiophile-approved connector jewelery cred. The actual purchase was smooth, I paid by credit card and the box showed up about 3 weeks later.

@Redboy, You're at the head of the line, so long as you promise not to blow up my phone at 11pm asking if I'll sell at a 90% discount... like those Craigslist guys do. smiley

@Thermionics, My 2 kids are early grade-schoolers. They're not quite interested in music yet, so I'm laying the groundwork with lots of early to mid-period Beatles. My older loves "Monkey and the Engineer" by Jesse Fuller via the Grateful Dead, so... things are lookin' up. Do you have kids? Any tips on helping them find their joy in music?

* spoiler alert, the hiss is probably the DSP.


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GR8 stuff and welcome Andy N! Brought a smile to my face. Keep on keeping on and perhaps see if your oldest likes birdsong, Althea, uncle, Tennessee, eyes, chinarider, help>slip>frank.....
:boogie:boogie:boogie. Seeing as where you are from, I figure youve been to a GD show or two.;)
Nice and well-written intro. I'm going to steal some of the lines when I get around to writing an intro. :)


Well, I grew up in the northeast, so the Dead shows I attended were 6/28/88,
7/2/89, 7/4/89, 3/24-26/90. The '88 show is slightly notorious for being the one where it all fell apart - big problems with fence-crashers, resulting in the band being banned from the venue. Those arena Dead shows were alright, but I stopped being a deadhead* on December 08, 1990. That was the night I drove to a club called The Chance, in Pougkeepsie, NY. I walked up to the door of a venue, bought a ticket for a few bucks, and went in. It was a small place - a few hundred people, so it was easy to work my way up to front. There, with my hands on the stage, looking upwards at a quartet, led by a dorky-looking guy in glasses playing a fancy semi-hollowbody guitar I didn't recognize... well, they set the gearshift to the high gear of my soul. (although this soundboard from a week earlier is more listenable)

(*Except: 1972. I will never not love a '72 china->rider)