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Welcome to the "Vintage Restorations" sub-forum at the HiFi Haven.

The intention of this sub-forum is to provide a place where folks that are doing this kind of work can give away the farm, so to speak. Essentially, such folks, myself included, get alot of PM and post traffic, asking questions with quite a bit of similarity. My response is to post DIY restoration threads, with complete textual and graphical instructions on how to restore the gear that I know about, and have experience with. Such instructions shall include sources for parts, how to access specific areas for work, tips, tricks, gotchas, and "you better nots." Once posted, all that needs to be done to answer alot of questions is to provide links to appropriate threads and/or specific posts within those threads.

My expertise is in all kinds of high-end Pioneer gear (R2Rs, cassette decks, turntables, signal processors, pre and power amps, speakers, etc.), from the Big Silver Period (mid-70s to early 80s). Others have other gear as specialties. This forum is for all with guidance to share, regardless of brand or type.

Threads in this sub-forum are intended as a resource for members and visitors, and are not intended as general discussion threads. As such, they shall likely live in a normally "closed/locked" state. Members with related gear problems, questions, discussion, suggestions, etc. may post those threads in the sub-forum to this one, called "Vintage Restoration Discussions," so we can keep the "Vintage Restorations" sub-forum clean, and the actual restoration threads will not get lost in the din of discussion threads that are likely to develop. Do not worry. If you post in this sub-forum accidentally, we shall move them easily to the discussion sub-forum.

For those contributing restoration threads, you may post them here. When you are done, let us know, and we will lock them for you. If you need to edit or add to your thread, contact us and we will open it for you, and close it when you indicate that you are done. Note: threads in here are not so you can show your work in progress, but so you can teach others how to do what you do.

In the discussion sub-forum, you may find the occasional remote troubleshooting thread. This is where an individual has a piece with a problem, and an experienced tech might guide the troubleshooting and repair, using the OP's (original poster) hands and eyes. The guide gives specific instructions on what to do and what/how to measure, and the OP performs the instructs and reports results back, then waits for the next steps. These kind of threads may take a bit to get started, but once they do, it is best if others step back and watch, so the guiding tech and the OP can operate unhindered. This kind of thread also serves as a resource for members and visitors with similar problems in the future.

Please remember that the regular HiFi Haven rules apply in here, as they do elsewhere.

Now...let's go sweeten up some gear...

Rich P
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