Hackney Diamonds

Gotta say this was a great show to me. I've been a Stones fan since 1964. They played 18 songs non stop. Over two hours worth. Mick didn't miss a beat and was running up and down the stage like a 30 year old. Hard to believe he can perform that way at 80 years old. Keith and Ronnie also. Sure missed Charlie but, the new drummer did a excellent job. Chanel Haynes did Gimme Shelter with a bunch of vocal power.
Excellent show!
One hell of a night. Had a bunch of problems with the Uber but, we made it back to the hotel.
Nice! I'll have to check out the setlists and videos to see it. I don't think they're coming to close to us, but I haven't seen them since '75. I just checked the setlists and they only did 7 songs that I saw in '75, but was shocked to see no "Midnight Rambler" yesterday.

I was surprised they played Out of Time. Thats a real early song. Was really good though.