Happy Birthday, Ernie!

Happy Happy from your northern neighbour! 🙋🏽‍♂️

As Eric the Car Guy says, "If today's your birthday, Happy Birthday! Enjoy this digital cake!"



My best pal, Molly
Thanks, very much, men. Molly let me sleep in, until 7:30! We've been for our walk, and met the new puppy across the street. Now, Linda and I have a very exciting rest-of-the-day planned. She's cross-stitching, I'm going to play some pool, maybe practice some trick shots, and, in lieu of dinner out, have some pizza delivered. All the while, spinning some tunes, either downstairs, or up. I've got some yet-to-be-played blues LPs that should be perfect for the pool hall vibe.

And the mail brought me a sealed copy of an old Billy Connolly LP, one that I've never heard. Woohoo!