Happy Fifth Anniversary, HiFi Haven!!!

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It was five years ago today that the doors were opened here at HiFi Haven. Actually, it was originally, and briefly, Audio Haven, but that was quickly changed to what we are now.

The idea behind the Haven grew out of my frustration with the constant bickering, tribalism and general nastiness at other audio sites. It seemed to me that it could be possible to create an online gentleman’s club, or even a friendly corner bar, if you will. A place where different people with different ideas could come together to share those ideas, sometimes passionately, but always respectfully, with others who loved this hobby.

Although I entered into it with a plan of relatively great growth, I soon realized that the Haven would work better just as a small club. A friendly group that would grow and evolve and change, just as that friendly corner bar would. And so it has become.

So after five years, let me thank you all, the HiFi Haven family, for making this place what it has become. Yes, truly the friendliest, and least moderated, online audio community.

I thank you also for making my dream of a civilized and friendly spot in the usually divisive and argumentative online audio community, a possibility. After all, it is you who make this place what it is.

I lift a glass to you all, my friends. At some point today, using whatever libation you choose,I humbly request you do the same.
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Congratulations. I wholeheartedly agree with your chosen path of quality over quantity. Thanks for all you’ve done and all you continue to do to make this possible. Haven is an apt word.


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Time flies! I can’t believe it’s already been five years.

Here’s to the best audio forum on the internet! Cannot wait to see what the next 5 years brings!

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Thanks to all the members. You truly make this a great place to hang out and share. Congratulations to the the Haven! Here’s to another five awesome years.


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A very cool place to hang out - a membership with some hugely divergent approaches to this hobby and everyone seems to gets along and appreciate our differences. Sure, we're a small group, but this is a major case of quality over quantity.

Thanks everyone for making this place what it is.


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Cheers .
It's definitely got a good vibe here, well done Mr Prime minister.
I visit and read daily, maybe I don't speak out enough, mostly due to watching so many other forums. Maybe because I feel like so many folks are way more experienced that myself, but I dig it here.