Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 speakers

John Frum

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***Preface added by TubeHiFiNut on 7/8/2019:

This thread started in The Emporium when @John Frum listed these wonderful speakers for sale and I purchased them.

The thread evolved into so much more than a transaction and we've had multiple requests to move the thread to the Speakers forum.

I looked at separating the general discussion posts from the transaction posts but the thread didn't flow the same.

So, since the transaction has been completed, I moved the whole thread over the Speakers forum and added this explanation to the first post. :) ***

It's bittersweet to put these up, because they really have lived up to their reputation during their time here. I'll probably wax philosophical about my reasons for selling at a later date, but anyway...

The speakers work fine, sound just like a high-end monitor should, and look damn fine in the living room. Closer inspection than your listening position will reveal that the cosmetic blemishes, while uniformally minor, are many. Reflected in price. Details will be posted for the first person that wants them.


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S0und Dragon

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For once, I am glad I am already up to my eyeballs in audio commitments. These are very well priced and should be a wonderful addition to anyone’s stable.
Geez. I have nothing but good memories of my ES-2s (and a pair of metal stands I had made for them). That's why I have SHL-5s. And I still want these. :)


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Geez. I have nothing but good memories of my ES-2s (and a pair of metal stands I had made for them). That's why I have SHL-5s. And I still want these. :)
Yeah I sold my ES3s to buy SHL-5 and briefly thought of a life with both. But...no room.

John Frum

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They don't look bad at all. Nothing major, but a raft of minor issues.

The original owner swapped gear out a lot, and probably wasn't as careful as he could have been when moving them. He also seems to have had a dickens of a time getting the grills on and off.

The pics do TOO GOOD of a job in showing off the blemishes. In many cases, I had to work to get the light just right to show them off in a photo.

Worst: One has a flap of veneer in the corner of the front baffle that is lifting up, and seems to have suffered at least one attempt to glue it. Needs glued again, right this time.

There's a little veneer worn on one rear corner, and a few lightly blemmed corners and edges. There are some tool marks near the grills, and one grill has two almost invisible holes.

Again, it all looks worse in the pictures than real life.



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Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang!! Wrong time for these to come along. These should sell quickly. GLWTS!


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Listening to mine right now, loving them, and wondering if I should drive down to Dayton this weekend for another pair. And no worries about putting that first “oops” mark on them, they’ve lived life a little already; the price is right.

Y'know, they may not be the most efficient at 86 db, but they aren't hard to drive... though I haven't taken mine for a spin yet with my PP el84 amp.
You know, I’ve thought about that, too. As wonderful as they are with the little (har!) Pass Labs class-A, I’ve wondered how they would do on my resto-modded PP EL84 amp.

John Frum

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I'm driving to Cleveland this weekend and could meet anyone that would benefit.
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Apparently the best way to get the grills off is some sort of magnet ? I haven't bothered. They're measured with grills on, so I can't see them being detracting. Although sans grill may appeal for any number of reasons.