Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 speakers


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I big part of me wishes I'd kept mine, and found another way to fund the SHL-5s. You live, you learn.

I'm really happy they're working out for you! Lovely speakers.
Thank you @JohnVF ! The SHL-5’s were the speakers that started me down the Harbeth path. Just not enough room for them to develop in my listening space.


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I’m doing a lot of listening, as you might imagine, Roon Radio took over a while ago and ....holy smoke....check this out.

Mino Cinelu, song is Oncoming Horizons

Scared the poodoodle out of me when it came on but in a good way. Harbeths are definitely keepers, no sub needed.


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Does anyone know why Harbeth does not mirror image the baffles on some of the speaker models?
It's just the port on the SHL-5, no? Drivers are all vertical. Maybe ease of construction or possibly something to do with BBC tradition? If it doesn't affect sound don't worry about it? Sounds like something Alan Shaw would do.


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The ports on the 30.1 are also both on the same side. It’s super cosmetic, but it does irk me a little.
Same here, I quickly got rid of my 4412’s (had two rights) and almost sold my maderas because of the lack of symmetry (in my mind this affects even sound dispersion....)


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Harbeth owners, I purchased a few small, but very powerful, bar magnets to remove the grills on my new C7ES-3. I just HAD to make sure the drivers had no damage (and they were original). No damage and the originals for sure.

I have 7 left and would be happy to send one to anyone who would like a perfect tool to remove a Harbeth grill. Size about 2 1/4"L x 1/2"W x 3/8"D.

Just need your address.