Sold Harman Kardon Citation II Tube Amplifier, Fully Restored, with Old Stock Genalex Kt-88's, $3000, Chicago Area

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For Sale is a Harman Kardon Citation II tube amplifier, considered one of the best vintage tube amplifiers ever made, with legendary output transformers.

I had the HK restored by Stereo Rehab, and it is under warranty until september of 2024. It is plug and play with its current tube set - and I don't believe you will find another one for sale with as nice a tube set (strong old stock British genalex KT-88's as outputs and a set of Tektronix select GE 12by7's as inputs).

Can be auditioned with Tannoy 15" dual concentrics, with which I've had it set up with, Hartley Full Rangers, Spendor Ls3/5a's or Altec 604c's. The matching citation I preamplifier will most likely be for sale in the near future.

Only selling because I'm downsizing one of my stereo setups, so not looking for trades unless something super special; as I've got or have had a fair amount of nice gear - leben, shindo, custom set amp, western electric kinda thing, perhaps a very high end dac. I'm not really a collector or I would keep the amp, given it's iconic stature in the history of audio and fantastic performance

Cosmetically, I'd say the amp is better than most you will find, but does have a ding on one corner of a transformer bell and some scratches in the paint job on those - those never bothered me and the ding can't be seen from the front, but for full disclosure I am noting it. I do not have the cage. I can provide a copy of the work order from stereo rehab to interested buyers

I'm asking $3000 for the amp with the included tubes. If you do not need the Genalex's (which are quite a value in of themselves), I will accept offers. This is a local sale only, just outside Chicago, not looking to ship the beast.

There's a wealth of information and homages to the Citation online, here's one to start with from Bob Carver:

Happy to answer questions or provide more photos if needed.


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nice...looks like it has Sheldon Stoke's PS board in it.
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Beautiful! downsize that stereo setup to a mono setup! replace that Cit II with a Dynaco MKiii (just one!)