OFF Has anyone seen this listing for GPA 604H's with custom cabinets?

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Great Plains Audio Altec 604- 8H with university cabinets

These speakers were initially listed on eBay for over a year I believe. They were located in Iowa as pick-up only and the seller kept dropping the price, eventually getting down to around $3K. I had inquired about the history with the seller, who said he acquired these from a gentleman who passed away before he could assemble the speakers, cabinets and XO's the custom cabinets. Sounded fishy to me, but I was very intrigued.... but since I was not in position to spend money on audio, I watched them from afar and fantasized of what could have been if I could have pulled off the purchase. I'd have 604's and 19's in my stable and my wife would hold it over my head as being excessive/overkill... and deservedly so if I'm being honest with myself.

Apparently they sold to the current seller in New Jersey and the price has been dropping quickly.

Seems like a very good deal, as new GPA 604's drivers GPA XO's are selling new (which these supposedly are) for over $4K I believe. The cabinet is more of a wildcard, as I don't know if it was designed and built for sonics or strictly for aesthetics.
I bet they sound great. Cabinet appears to be at least 9cf. As big or bigger than the 620. Should be a great start if you have the room for them. Would wonder about the height of the driver when listening and the crossover used. Got to be ported in the back or bottom. Check on the size and if it is optimal.