Has It Really Been That Long Since I Ran a Cassette Deck??


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Ohhh jeez..... slaps forehead.
I've got a giant backlog of live cassette masters that need transferring. So, I grabbed a show that was in need, and, dug out the deck, a Marantz SD-63 3-head deck, from the pile of transport carcasses on the shelf that need to be recycled or destroyed (not all of them; and I did actually get rid of three things this week!).

I set the deck up in an empty spot on this cabinet where I store my digital masters. I clean the heads, and adjust the azimuth until it sounds really sweet. I hook up the capture deck. Then I get the brilliant idea to move everything over by the bed, where I've got a headphone amp. This put the cassette deck right near my WiFi hub for the house. And, then I push record and beging the x'fer of tape-1 side-A, and I let it roll, and dutifully change and flip the tapes.
WTF?,... this weirdly distressing but not overt rizzing sensation overriding the transfer.
Transfer number one, is a total failure.
So,.. what is it that they say defines retardation? trying repeatedly with the same results,... something like that.
Transfer attempt two occurs,... say damn thing,... rizzzzz WTFF??

So, I open the deck, and, have a solid look around, and damn if I can find anything on the circuit board that looks even remotely suspicious; but with all of the vintage talk on other forums, and the constant suggestion of recapping,.... I start to get disappointed that my old deck was dying after 3 decades of pumping cassette tapes through it.

Then it hit me,... try moving the deck back where it sounded really good. Duh.
Attempt three presently rolling tape-1_side-A sounding good; no rizzing pulsing detected.

I guess it has been that long since I ran a cassette deck.
The last time something like this happened was at a show at the Coachhouse in San Juan Capo Ca, like 25 years ago, where I picked up mexican radio bleeding through from a Cox Cable broadcast/receiving facility next to the venue that was full of dishes.

thats all - carry on

a hint,...
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Was the chassis open (e.g. picking up noise over circuitry) or was this coming through the tape heads?

So many things that engineers / designers didn't have to think about before the advent of cellular and wifi.


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I was tranferring that tape above, and, didn't really monitor it all that well in the transfer. THere was an issue, as stated with the noise, and it seemed to be a bit more left channel oriented; but I can't say for certain, as I just trashed the file, and started over. It happened again, and, left channel is what is in my mind.
I took the lid off, and had a poke around. I couldn't see any overt signs of caps leaking, or the likes that might cause issues; I cleaned and demag'd the heads. It was then that I realized the error of placement. Though the problem did occur with the lid on the deck as a shielded unit. When I moved the deck away, the problem resolved.
How the interference netered the stream? you've got me there. I've had weird things like this happen live, before, and it sucks.