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No takers yet on the Revels. They'll go into storage in the next week. My son said when he moves out (he's a few years away from that) he would take them. I have plenty of speakers so there will always be a pair of something sitting around that he can take. I'm getting a pair of Altec 755Cs in Silbertone cabs this week. Maybe those will be his.
I will do that. TBH , I had never heard of them until someone offered them in trade to me. I did some research and found that they are well regarded. For those that don't know them, they have no crossover. The 42E has two different full range drivers that overlap each other. comceptually, I like full-range drivers because they sound more pure (at least to my ears) than a design with a crossover. In practice. I have found them somewhat bandwidth limited.

This is a stock picture of them:

To me they look like a high WAF factor speaker. My wife, however, took one look at the photo and declared them hideous. Oh well, no accounting for taste. :)

The Tocaros are one of the few speakers I still really would like to hear at some point. Mostly because they seem to have been based around the Rehdeko speakers from France that seem to be loved by some and hated by others. I find the weird stuff in audio to be the most interesting these days. When I was looking into Rehdeko a few years ago it took me down some interesting rabbit holes. No idea if I would hate or love them but at least they are different.
I'm running the Tocaros right now (in a very sub-optimal room) with the new 211 amps and the EL55 preamp I just acquired. They sound really good on jazz and old blues. I haven't A/B'd them against the Viking Acoustics Tubemasters they replaced (which will go into storage) but I like them. The realization is hitting me that now matter how big a house I buy (based upon our budget) some of this gear will have to go. I'm thinking of dismantling my larger system (Hansen The Prince speakers, pair of REL G-1 subs, Merrill Audio Element 116 amps) and selling it. The Hansens weigh 300 lbs each with their crate, RELs 100lbs each. I like that system because it's very different from what I usually listen to, big powerful speakers/sub with a 300W SS amp but I'm going to have to make choices unless I hit the lottery and can buy a 10,000 sq ft house. :(
Hi Ian, I live in north Palm Beach County in Palm Beach Gardens. My listening space is about 12' x 12' and my beautiful wife will not allow any huge, heavy speakers in the space. You have an amazing collection. Do you have anything not much bigger than say an AR3a speaker? Something under 50 pounds each? (smile)

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I'm very luck, my wife is very tolerant. In my defense she knew about this illness when we got married. When I left for grad school in 1985, most of my classmates brought small Sony or Technics systems with them. I brought a pair of Magneplanars driven by modded Dynaco MK 3 monoblocs, a CJ Preamp and a Rega turntable. All wired with Fulton cables (about the first high-end cable). I had those Maggies when I married my wife and we moved into a 1200 sq foot apartment above a pizza place in Queens. Now though, there is stuff literally everywhere. I seem like a hoarder but I can't help buying cool gear...

Mark, I think I have a pair of Aurum Cantus bookshelf speakers somewhere here. They are in good, not great shape probably a 6/10. They is some lacquer on one of the cabs that you cannot see but you can feel if you rub your hands over it. I got rid of most of it, you could probably clean up the rest. They're nice speakers. Aurum makes really nice drivers, their internal QC isn't all that great. Don't have grills but they're a really nice looking high gloss burl and they sound good. No bass of course from 6" mid/woofer. I would give them to you if you made a $150 donation to a horse rescue I support. You can DM me if you have interest. Google Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 to find pictures. If I were you, I'd convince the wife to love the Revels... ;)

p.s. we're married 33 years so my obsession must not be too bad.
Holy smokes I wish those Revels were closer to Detroit.
Me too. I had a moment today where I wondered how far the trip could really be between IL and FL.

I'm telling you folks, those F50 are excellent speakers. Somebody needs to snatch them things up