Havenfest 2023? A Show of Hands

LMAO, the place outside the motel that looks like it has hourly rates? That place cracks me up whenever I drive by it...

Yes, that place. That's exactly why we went...both PM and I have a certain affinity for places that look a bit forgotten. I have to say, it was pretty good.
Regrettably stuff happens and best laid plans. We just returned, a week ago, from my wife’s oldest sister memorial service in New Orleans. She passed in April. All the travel has wiped out our budget for a while. I was hoping to make this work but a no-go. Hope everyone has a great time In Dee-troit.
I'm unavailable myself--I have way too many things to do before we leave early Sunday morning. I was hoping to at least peek in for a few minutes on Saturday but I've had a lot dumped on me that I need to get out of the way before I go.

If there's a future meet-up, though, I'm all ears! (And appetite.) Right now it's a rough time of year what with travel, road trips, the rally schedule, Father's Day, downsizing, and other events over the next several weeks. I'm on the go until early October this year but with enough of a notice I can squeak in a visit wherever things land.