Heathkit AR-1500 receiver


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My dad and I built an AR-1500A around 1974. I bought it from him around 1980ish and used it until I bought an Adcom GFA-555 in 86 or 87. I gave it to my son for Christmas in 2006 and he still uses it. I checked it over before giving it to him, set the DC offset and replaced all the bulbs in the front panel. That was all it needed.

Interestingly, at Christmastime 2020, he found local to him a pair of Altec 886a's and a pair of 70s vintage Realistic speaks that he tells me sound amazing with the AR 1500A.

It's still going strong - oddly.


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I have "heard" (read) so many good things about these, but I've never heard one.
Well, that is not quite true. I am sure I heard them play at the Heathkit store on Joppa Road in (near) Baltimore in the mid 1970s. The one Heathkit B&M store in the Baltimore area was (literally, if barely) within walking distance of my high school. Spent a fair amount of time there at one point in my life. :)

I did have an AR-19 and AR-29 (both dump finds, of course). The former had some sort of issues (it worked but didn't sound great) & I ultimately (gasp!) sold it. The latter is still here... someplace. Sounds pretty good, but the balance control slider's "shaft" is broken off, so it looks a little funny.

But I digress...


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Pretty sure something wasn't right with the AR-19. It just didn't sound right. The 29 sounded (sounds) considerably better.
I think this particular AR-19 was extra-not good (and I sold it for short $, with disclosures to someone who probably looked it up on line and saw it was a "bargain").

I do note that the AR-19 lived on (??) as the AR-1302, so there may have been some back story that is still lost (to me, at any rate) in the mists of time.

Would some piccies of the 19/29 be taken as a friendly amendment to this thread, @Dan ?
I am trying ;) to resist the temptation of makin' this all about me (a little "development area" that I have, as all y'all know...).


EDIT: Boy howdy, Heath weren't shrinking violets when they listed specifications for that AR-1500, were they? :)

Heathkit AR1500 catalog specs.jpg

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Note where Heathkit put the bass and treble rollovers at....compare that to most Japanese components which had the bass at 100, 150 or 200Hz and 6k or 10k for the treble.
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