Hello from central IA

I've lurked here reading threads from time to time; a lot of great information. I'm a horn guy; with my favorites being Klipsch and Altec. I've owned Khorns, Heresy, KLF30's and now have some 604e's. My current setup and the one that's been in place the longest are my Cornwall's with a tube CD player, VRD stereo tube amp and Blueberry preamp. I also have a C32 McIntosh paired with a MC2205 amp which I rotate in or put on a second system.

My 604E's are currently in Barzilay cabinets. It's my intent to put them in larger cabinets. I'm still in the info gathering stage - trying to decide between a Stonehenge V or a Billfort type cabinet with the angled back.

Here's a pic of my current setup:

P1060623 (Large).JPG
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And here are my 604E's in Barzilay cabinets. I really love the cabinets they are in - so I'm contemplating making them into a "subwoofer" of sorts by putting a different woofer in them when I put the 604E in larger cabinets, then crossing the low stuff to them. Just an idea at this point.

IMG_0286 (Large).JPG


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Welcome! Great looking setup, I once owned Cornwall’s but were lacking in the cosmetic department. One too many projects caused the hasty sale of them (which I regret). I’d buy another set if given the opportunity. A 604e owner too, with cabinets in the works.
Hi, Airdronian,
I found it red tagged at Pier One about 8-10 years ago. It had a little damage that was easy to fix. I'm not sure exactly what they called it. I knew when I saw it that it would be a great stand for stereo gear :-)
I had fun with the album covers on the wall. My two grown daughters helped me sort for fun covers then we picked the winners and laid them out on the floor. I kept trying to put them in groups if 3x3 and 4x4 evenly spaced and it just didn't look great. Then one of them came up with the idea to arrange them "checkered", which looks great.