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Hello from Düsseldorf

Hello @all,
new member from Düsseldorf, Western Germany.
71 years, married since 51 years, retired from family business. Son took over in 2019.
Related to a move to a smaller flat I downgraded my system radically. But to be honest it is hardly to notice with my old ears.
Still the turntable as most important source. All CDs went to my son. Ripped files on a harddisk, together with Roon on a NUCROCK an easy and reliable solution.
Actual turntable is a Thorens TD102 A with an AT-VM95ML and a MuFi V90 LPS. Due to a tremor an automat is necessary.
This beauty is work in progress and will get a Benz Micro.

Amp and streaming are a NAD 316bee V2, a WiiM Pro and a SMSL-C100


Speakers are Q-Acoustics 3030i


So far away from high end, but it fits the needs.
Take care, Alex
Welcome to the Haven!
As long as the music makes your toes tap, that’s all that really matters.:)
Welcome to the Haven! Love that Sony TT!
Looked so long for a "near mint" item. The PS-X 75 was my dream machine in the early 80s. But 2.800 DEM without cartridge, and in those times priorities were others. Friend of mine is deep in the Biotracers. He said "go!" and will do a complete revision.
Welcome! I quite like a good Benz cart, I have had 3 over the years. And am intrigued by the QAcoustics.
The Q-Acoustics for me are a brilliant buy in this price range! Have no chance for stands or floorstanders because our dog does not like such when racing around like a Derwish 😂. So I put them on this hard foam bases from Music Store and because they have no problem with only 30cm placed away from the wall it is fine all over. I am always fascinated what good stereo one can have for small money today. And always fascinated by the exploding (and for me very often ridiculous) costs of the more sophisticated gear.