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Hello from England

Hi Guy's

Just found your site, and TBH the "lets make audio fun again" strap line struck a chord. Born late 50's so my audio exploits started in the 70's, (Glam Rock Punk & Hotel California at dangerous volumes) continued into the 80, ( I loved the 80's I still think Blue Monday 12'' is the best test disk ever). the 90's were Ok (Brit rock) but generally IMHO its been down hill since then.

Hi_fi wise this was the age of Linn&Naim V The Rest ( i sided with The rest) and truly off the wall tweeking, Blue dots, Blu-Tack, ultra thin speaker cable etc..

I guess at this point its customary to do a retrospective on all the hi-fi Ive owned but I wont! (If the wife ever finds out how much I"ve spent im in trouble, and if I added it all up it might bring a tear.)

Away from Hi-Fi I fly-fish shoot and hunt Pheasants and Partridge, (and yes we can have guns in the UK its just we have to jump through many hoops to get them) and Im soon to retire so fully intend to spend my daughter's inheritance pursuing these interests.


Welcome to the hifi haven! I try not to keep account of what I’ve spent on gear as it would likely generate a tear or two also. 😬
Welcome to HFH! Might I suggest listening to KEXP online as there’s lots of good music out there? I’m sure you would find something that piques your interest.
Welcome @martin_b I love your perspective on retrospective “investments “ in hifi AND spending your daughter’s inheritance pursuing your interests.

Pictures of gear residing with you are always welcome too.
So from the top..

Sony PS-6750 with original oil filled mat & 2 head shells Goldring 1042 in one Entre Ec1in the other.
Alexa.. used as an Internet tuner.. works brilliantly.
Technics SU-C1010 Pre Amp with battery powered option
Marantz CD7300.. ( Ive also got a highly modded CD94 that needs to be fixed)
Little dot 2 headphone amp, & Musicman Cans
Topping E30 Dac ( next on my list of things to replace)
Amazon fire for Amazon Music streaming.
Pair of Analogue Audio Donezetti Power amps
Jungson JA88D.. Integrated amp ( early version 30Kg+ and a bit noisy, suspect a cap is going)
Finally in the garage a Cambridge Audio 640P having its Caps and Op-amps changed.

Speakers are Medowlark Blue Heron 2's