Hello from mrgoodsound

Hello, cool forum here, a certain breed of hi-fi fun I haven't really seen anywhere else. I have been lurking for a while but not posting - hopefully will change that soon.

I'm 25, from Southern Ontario, and caught the audio disease at a young age, I'm now up to my neck in vintage audio equipment including 8 idler drive turntables. My system is a pair of 1970s La Scala's driven by a rotating stable of tube amps. I'm a tone freak and can't tolerate pale sounding equipment, which is partly why all of my current equipment seems to be vintage. On occasion I write articles for doctorjohn's cheaptubeaudio blog for fun.

Goals for 2021 are to scale back on excess, liquidate what I don't need (evidently, a lot), and focus on making a few key purchases that I know will be worthwhile in the long run.

P.S. I noticed there are a lot of members from Ontario on here, if anyone would like to meet up for a listening session in the new year please shoot me a PM



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Welcome to the Haven! I once owned Cornwalls which I enjoyed and put me on the track to Altec (avoid that rabbit hole at all cost;)).
Can’t wait to see some system pics and read on where this fun hobby takes you!


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Liked your recent article on cheaptubeaudio, especially the link to Vincent Gallo's story about mono audio.