Hello from Paris

Why not Home Cinema on the VOT ?
The sub is the 2440 in a JBL enclosure. The amps are the Yamaha PX8 (800 W D-Class), the advantage is the DSP filtering, but the ventilation is noisy ! It is largely beated by the ClairBrothers 375 W, a beast too. It's a Crest based amp but largely improved in the PS supply (the trans is monstrous...) ; but the problem is that it blows up the electrical pellets ! The plugs must collect 4A ! You must plug it into the washing machine plug :smile: This amp was picked up at Disneyland Paris.
I have to say also that the Onkyo Home Cinema Amp is used only on the Dolby cinema processor & préamp, the amp is... the 300B on the VOT... On the Center traks, it's a PilotOne AA-903 modified, a little PP 6V6-GT (only the power stage).
We have quite a lot of fun too, here near Paris ;)