Hello From San Francisco

I'm here via a referral from the JRiver Interact Forum, in pursuit of a user-friendly method of ripping SACDs and I believe I've come to the right place. Tomorrow I expect delivery on a cheap refurbished Sony disc player which will enable me to rip the handful of SACDs I have acquired, at which point I will have all my digital discs ripped to lossless files on my hard drives, for playback in JRiver MC. It was a huge job ripping all of those CDs and the few music DVDs with dBpoweramp CD Ripper and getting it all done securely and accurately and the meticulous tagging of all those files has left me with some chronic wrist pain. Nonetheless...

I never thought I'd be graduating to an audiophile level stereo system, but last year I used a large portion of a substantial legal settlement to purchase what amounts to an entry level high end setup. I ditched my 20 year old Harman Kardon Cambridge Soundworks system and went shopping for a basic $5K system and ended up spending about $10K, and once I bought fancy cables to hook it all together and if you include the TV and PC I also bought it came closer to $15K. Anyway, I am super pleased with what I bought, and my enjoyment of music has been heightened and expanded dramatically. Wow, I didn't know what I was missing.

My system is pretty basic: a Rega Brio stereo amp, Rega DAC-R, and an OPPO UDP-205 disc player, with a pair of Spendor A6R speakers and a Rel T9i subwoofer. And a basic Dell Windows PC with JRiver MC 24 and 43" Samsung UHD TV. A very nice bedroom system and far better than anything I've ever owned. And I also got an Astell&Kern AK 120 II dual-DAC handheld player to listen to my growing Hi-Res collection on the go. A set of OPPO PM-3 phones for portable listening and an amazing set of Focal Clear open port phones for home use. I grew up listening to records back in the 70s, but now I am strictly digital in my collecting and listening. Vinyl is great, I know, but it is a habit I've left behind.

And the rest of the money I got I spent in rebuilding and expanding my CD collection with hundreds of albums, a lot of rare and pricey items like hard to find box sets by La Monte Young, This Mortal Coil, Dead Can Dance, etc. I haven't yet listened to a quarter of the music I bought last year so I will be discovering and rediscovering new and old favorites for a long time to come.


Next Round Is On Me
Hello and welcome to the Haven. You will find kinfolk from all walks of audio life, be it analog or digital (or something in between). Feel free to post system pics too!