Hello from the UK

Hello all,

I like to make stuff rather than buy it but I guess sometimes it might have been cheaper to buy one than make it, such is life.
e.g. I bought a CD723 from a lady in Edinburgh and then spent as much again modifying it, I thought it was great.
But, when I made my own discs it said rudely, "This disc has not been finalised."
In the end I bought a Lucky Goldstar cd/dvd player that'll play anything, half the price and twice as good.
This is what you find!

Cheers - J


Next Round Is On Me
Welcome to the Haven, please tell us more about the rest of your setup. Oh and pictures are very much welcome.
Hello AN,

Many thanks for the welcome good of you. I do like to make stuff and usually fall down every hole that opens up in front of me, mostly through my own ineptitude. I'm making a JLH 1969 at the moment after listening to a 3886 for a few years, Class A has been one of those things I've wondered about for years, it surfaces every now and then, this time though with the lockdown I thought I'd have a go.